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    Writing alphabetagrams is a challenging way of passing the long, dark winter evenings, costs nothing and can be done in the privacy of your own home. So why not try one and send it to Village Voices for publication. Alternatively, if you feel you want a wider audience you can publish to the world by sending it to the Alphabetagram team
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  • Nigel



Alphabetagrams were devised by Nigel b in English with an alphabet of 26 letters but they can equally well be written in other languages using all the letters of that particular alphabet. Alphabetagrams do not lend themselves to literal translation although a translation can be very amusing.

We would welcome submissions in any language in order to make the game a truly global experience; click on your language’s flag.

Here is one in French:

Ailleurs brûlent centaines d’éternelles forêts . Grande haine s’installe. Justement, kilomètres lointains manifestent naïades opulentes ! Pathétiques, quêteurs rattrapent sous, tragiquement usurpés, violés. William-Xavier yodle……zigouillé. (Tony.M.2009)

And the translation:

Elsewhere, hundreds of eternal forests are burning. Great hatred is settling in. In fact, distant kilometers reveal ample-bosomed Naiads! Pathetic, alms-collectors clutch farthings, tragically usurped, violated. William Xavier yodels,….. Struck down with a knife. (Tony.M.2009)

At the time of writing, friends are creating alphabetagrams in Danish, German, Polish, Italian and Spanish. Go on have a go and please add a translation into English if you are bilingual.



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