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    Writing alphabetagrams is a challenging way of passing the long, dark winter evenings, costs nothing and can be done in the privacy of your own home. So why not try one and send it to Village Voices for publication. Alternatively, if you feel you want a wider audience you can publish to the world by sending it to the Alphabetagram team
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  • Nigel

Bravo Mark Startin!

Posted by alphabetagrams on February 1, 2013

Awfully banal comments drop easily from gormless homophobes in jerky keying. Lifelessly monotonous Nigel opines pointlessly, questing reliable sense; trying, ultimately vainly; wordless xenia yielding zero.

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Bravo Peter Cressall

Posted by alphabetagrams on February 1, 2013

Zac, you Xmas wonder! Very uncouth to show resentment; quite properly others never manipulate letters, knowing just ideas help give fellows everything due. Crumbs! but allelujah!

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Bravo Jill Allan

Posted by alphabetagrams on February 1, 2013

Aardvarks behave craftily, daringly escaping from glass houses in jolly knitted leggings made naturally on pointed quills, reaching shady tables upon very welcoming xysti, yelling zestfully.

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Always be calm

Posted by alphabetagrams on September 20, 2011

Always be calm; don’t ever fret. Go home in joyful kinship leaving moribund notions of problems quiescent. Rest softly till unhappiness vanishes, wanting xenophiles, yearning zephyrs.

Submitted by Nigel B, Sept.2011.


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Always be courteous………

Posted by alphabetagrams on August 29, 2011

Always be courteous. Deny everything! Forget galling, hurtful incidents. Judge kindly. Love mankind. Never opine perversely. Question resolutely. Stop trying. Universally vie with xenophobia: Yoga………………………Zen. (Tony.M.2011.)

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All babies cry……….

Posted by alphabetagrams on August 20, 2011

All babies cry dribbling, even from good homes including jolly, kind, loving mothers. No older parent questions riotous sobbing tots unless vexed with xtra youthful zing.

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Astronomers bridge………

Posted by alphabetagrams on August 12, 2011

Astronomers bridge cosmic depths eclipsing farflung galaxies. Hubble indexes Jupiter’s kinetic luminous moons. Neptune ousts Pluto. Quaintly ringed Saturn tests Uranus, Venus winning xtra-terrestrial yearly Zodiac.

Submitted by: Liz. B. August 2011.

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Antiguan Batsmen……..

Posted by alphabetagrams on July 29, 2011

Antiguan batsmen cover drive every fiendish googly high in Jamaica’s Kingston, leaving most not out players quite resentful since test umpire Viv wants x-rated yorker zealots.

Submitted by: Nigel B-B July 2011.

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Awareness breeds ………

Posted by alphabetagrams on July 18, 2011

Awareness breeds consciousness. Defeating evil, forgetting good, hiding ingenuity. Juvenile kakistocracy lives, meandering, never openly protested. Question routines, serve tyrants under “virtuous” ways. Xeniality yields zombie-ism.

Submitted by Paul B. July 2011.

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Accepting brainy……….

Posted by alphabetagrams on July 11, 2011

Accepting brainy challenge (despite expecting failure) glimmering hopes inspired John. Keep lines meaningful (not overly poetic). Quit redrafting! Speed to ultimate victory with Xian youthful zeal. Submitted by: John M. July 2011.

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