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    Writing alphabetagrams is a challenging way of passing the long, dark winter evenings, costs nothing and can be done in the privacy of your own home. So why not try one and send it to Village Voices for publication. Alternatively, if you feel you want a wider audience you can publish to the world by sending it to the Alphabetagram team
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  • Nigel

Young Brains


  • It’s the new word-game which is catching on fast.
    Create your own passage of 26 words following the alphabet from A to Z.
    Helps dramatically with children’s development of the alphabet, spelling, vocabulary and construction.
    Is suitable for ages 8+ .
    Can be played solo or in a group/class situation.
    Can be as elementary or advanced as the teacher/parent wishes.
    Is great fun.
    Results can be submitted on line for inclusion in ‘The Alphabetagram Attic’, where the best examples are stored (for ever!)
    Absorbing for smaller people on long journeys – ‘QUIET’, What’s that strange noise ?
    Go to the ‘Home’ page for simple rules.

Here’s an example:

‘All babies cry dribbling, even from good homes, including jolly, kind, loving mothers. No older parent questions riotous sobbing tots unless vexed with xtra youthful zing.’

For younger Alphabetagramists the task can be shortened ; A to H for example:

‘A beastly crocodile died eating frogs. Good Heavens!’

Have a rummage through ‘The Alphabetagram Attic’ to see what others have done. Just stay with the alphabet and anything is possible. Good Luck.


Young Brains, please remember to tell your parent or teacher before you submit on this site. Stay Safe and Thank you.

The Alphabetagram Team.


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