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    Writing alphabetagrams is a challenging way of passing the long, dark winter evenings, costs nothing and can be done in the privacy of your own home. So why not try one and send it to Village Voices for publication. Alternatively, if you feel you want a wider audience you can publish to the world by sending it to the Alphabetagram team
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Submit your Alphabetagram

Submit your Alphabetagram

An Alphabetagram is a self-composed passage, in your own language, of as many words as there are letters in your alphabet, say 26. You must use all the letters of your alphabet in their correct order as the initial letters for each consecutive word in the passage. No letter can be repeated, nor can any be omitted. Punctuation is allowed but proper nouns should be used sparingly.Conjunctions, prepositions, articles etc. are banned unless they accord with the alphabet pattern. You end up with a passage which may not make a lot of sense but will be amusing to others and its creation will have stretched your vocabulary, and perhaps driven you mad! Here is an example in English (alphabet of 26 letters.):

All babies cry, dribbling, even from good homes, including jolly, kind, loving mothers. No older parent questions riotous sobbing tots unless voiced with xeric youthful zing.’ 

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10 Responses to “Submit your Alphabetagram”

  1. Attempts by Christian denominations examining faith groups, having investigated Jihad killings leaving many needlessly orphaned, propose querying reports suggesting the usual villains were Xmas-yearning Zoroastrians

    • Thank you Robert. Excellent !

    • Although buttresses can’t do everything for gargoyles, horrors initially jut kinetically, launching more nobly over protruding qua roundels, sometimes terminating under vertical window’s xenodochium, yearning zenophobically (Lynn T 2014)

      ‘Actresses, barely concealing desperate endeavours for gaining helpful introductions, jealously knock lucrative marriages, newlyweds occupying positions quite rarely sought today – ultimately vindicating whimsically x-rated young z-listers.’ (Norma B 2014)

      ” Ah bin chooin da effin fat, goin’ hellbent into jam-sessions knowing lots more nonsense opens pockets quite rapidly so the underclass voids wads xceeding yesterdays zapping” (Pat H 2014)

  2. Zeitgeist yields xanthic wit vainly: usually, trends suggest romantic quests predict ordinary natural methods linking keen jesting in homesteads, good fodder, endless domestic calm bring amorousness.

    Patrick 2013

    Zwinglian! Your xiphoid wrath virtually unseats topis. Shall Ranis quit pouting or nuancing, mincing, licking khaki jodhpurs, inciting Hindu gods, fakirs – even distracting Colonials being adulterous?

    Patrick 2013

    Zounds! Your xebec was very under-masted to sail right: questionably perhaps over new masoolahs lingering knee-deep, juxtaposed into higher groundswells for even deeper currents before Algiers.

    Peter 2013

  3. Alphabetagrams bemuse; crabby, disconsolate, exasperated female groans. Head in jeopardy. “keep looking” murmurs nerdy Oxford professor. “Quit ridiculous suicidal tendencies, unanimated Valkyrie. Wise-up. Xplore yoga, Zen. (Rosa T 2014)

    A bold cheerful dobermann e-friends generous helpers in joint knowledge links, misspelt neologisms or poetry quatrains. Rosa’s sometimes thunderous unique vocabulary wields xrated youthful zeal. (Rosa T 2014)

    Actually, “Baby” celebrates dogdom, electronic foraging, gnashing her indomitable jaws knucklebone laden. Miss Naughtiness often presents quaint rhymes, sexy text, uninhibited words, xenophobic yarns, zestily. (Hilary T 2014)

  4. A bountiful Christmas day exceeds fervently generated hopes, initiates jolly kids’ laughter, makes nasty officious people querulous, revives stigmatised trysts unheedingly, vinously, with Xxxes, yearly, zanily. (Hilary 2014)

    Acting beautiful classics develops easy fluency gaining human insight. Joking King Lear must naturally outrage pantomime queens resting sullenly till unexpected venues welcome xeric yearning zeal. (Jennifer D 2014)

    Zoologically, Yaks x-rayed wearing voluminous underpants trounced Snakes rendering quasi-perfect orchestrated naughty melodies – leaving Kangaroos jumping in heavy galoshes floundering.
    Elephantine dance-comedy’s been abandoned. (Patrick 2014).

  5. “Another bucolic caper” Duke exclaimed feudally. “Gallop hellferleather in jaunty kinky lace mentionables nuancing older pantomime queens. Round-up sex troopers undressing virgins while ‘xciting young zippers”. (NCBB 2014)

    Zigzagging young x-chromosomic witches vaulting upthrusting thermal surges, rise quickly past other non-manoeuvrable lifting kites, jauntily inspiring hearty guffaws for economising during cruises before alchemists? (Peter C 2014)

    Alphabetagramers beget cunningly descriptive emotions fairly generally. However, if jocular kudos litter my nonsense, others perchance question rationale, so they understand verily why Xmas Yuletide zings. (Peter Cressall, 2014)

    ” Zimmer-Yeti xrays witness vascular ultrastructure tightening substantially, rendering quinary pads ominously numb. Muscles, lacking kinetic jogging in hilly ground, freeze every day, causing bacteriological aggravation.” (Patrick Hogan 2014)

    Access barring can deter entry for genuine hikers impatiently joining known lanes made navigable over pastures quickly restored seasonally thus utilising visitors with Xmas yearly zeal. (Robert Vincent 2014)

    Ancient bridleways can distress English farmers galoshing home in juicy kale leaves. Many newly obstructed paths quite ruinously stymie treckers, upsetting various wandering xenic young zoologists. (Cathy M 2014)

    Zulus yearn Xsosas’ wicked, venial unclipped tongues suffering reactions quite piercing over nuanced mispronunciations, lisping, knowing justifiably (ironically) how gutless false “extra-double-clickers” can be abandoned (P Hogan 7th Jan 2014)

    Zealous young xray whizzkids vie under truly strictly regimes quite passionately ogling numerous mistresses lightly, keeping jolly internal hopes gloriously flagrant erotic denouements can be arranged. (P Hogan 7th Jan 2014)

    Zymosis yields xenonically weird, visually unpleasant turds smelling rotten. Queasy patients often notice medics lying keeled-over just inside hospital gateways forever enraging doctors coming by automobile. (P.Hogan 4th Jan 2014)

    Avarice brings cash during every fabulous grab. However, impersonal joy knowingly makes nobody over-particular, quotes Racine (somebody translated). Under very worrying yearnings: Zounds! (Peter Cressall 6th Jan. 2014).

    Angels behold carols delighting everyone festively. Glorious hosannas invoke Jehova’s kindness. Loving magian nativity offers peaceful, quiet, rural shepherds transformation under venerated wondrous Xmas yuletide zenith. (NCB-B. Christmas 2013)

    ‘Amber’ brightly colours daytime, excitedly finding girlie happiness in joking, kissing, laughing most naughtily outdoors. People question redheads stupidly till ugly visitors watching X-Factor yell “Zebedee”.
    (Nigel 2013)

    Am but complying, despite extreme fuddlement. Game here inquires Jerusalem knowledge lacking maintenant, Nigel. Only pertinent question regards senseless ToLster utterance, viz: whereabouts, xenophile’s yarmulka zone. (Jan D 2013)

  6. Awfully banal comments drop easily from gormless homophobes in jerky keying. Lifelessly monotonous Nigel opines pointlessly, questing reliable sense; trying, ultimately vainly; wordless xenia yielding zero.
    (Mark Startin 2013)

    Zac, you Xmas wonder! Very uncouth to show resentment; quite properly others never manipulate letters, knowing just ideas help give fellows everything due. Crumbs! but allelujah!(Peter C. 2013)

    Avuncular bee-keeper craves direct effective fashionable gimmicks helpful in jamming kangaroos licking miscellaneous nectar off plants quite readily suitable to undernourish very workaholic xenophobic young zamouses.
    (Cressall 2013)
    “Another blooming calumny’s done ‘ere for grand historical indexer John – kingmarker. Let maturity now oust peevish querulous rats. See Tolsters upbraid villainous, wanton, xanthine, yobbish zombies.”
    (NCB-B 2013)

  7. A big commission does eventually foster good habits in jocular, kindly, likable men not of particularly querulous, rabid, sorrowful temperament under various wistful xenogenous . . . Finish it, please; my flight home has just been called. David O’Gorman (2013).

    Academically bright Countdowners deride every faulty grammarian halfwit in joking knowledgeable lassitude. Mercifully national observers personally quiz revelling students taunted under various wordy Xerophytic yuppie zealots.
    (Nigel 2013).

    Zinovia (yesterday x-rayed) was virtually ungovernable to “sensationalist reporters” querying propriety of Nova-Scotian marsupials letting kangaroos jump into horny gyrations following erotic display-courting by ardent Antipodeans brandishing candyfloss destined for goading harem-idolising joeys kicking limp mutant Neapolitans over pachyderms querulously requesting sanction to up-end vamps wanting xenogamic yahoo “Zing”. (The first ZAAZ by Patrick 2014).

  8. “Albion battalions courageously defend Essex fenland ’gainst hostile invasions. Jute kings lead manic Norsemen opposing pict-quelling revolts, since terror-urged Vikings worship Xanic Yggdrasil zealously.”

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